"The Bastard Child Of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath."


Knights Of Pluto started in 2015 with the founding members, Bri Prample and Matrim Anderson.

The Idea? Play music that not only was interesting and new, but potenially could never be replicated ever again, even by themselves. And they've accomplished this. Every practice, every show, sounds unique because the songs are so alive they are breathing and evolving every second. With a freestyle band this is bound to happen, and Knights Of Pluto grabs the concept by the balls and makes it their bitch, without question. 

They wrote quickly and released their first album on September 5, 2015, "Knights Of Pluto Vol.1." Quickly following that they began work on a second CD while still maintaining live shows to build up their fan base. Soon they were playing shows where the majority of the people that came, came for them, and loved everyone else just the same.

They would join forces with drummer Scotty "The Plutonic Drumhead" in March of 2016, just after finishing work on their second album, "Knights Of Pluto Vol.2: The Jesters Of Magic."

Since, they have had the chance to play stages like The Knitting Factory, and to play even more shows. Towards the end of 2016 Bri's mother passed away, and to this day their last show was her memorial show; which was recorded, and is, their official live CD, "That One Night Live."

Recently as of late they have slowed the live shows down to focus solely on the brand new album-first to feature a drummer- "Knights Of Pluto Vol.3: A Lesson In Plutonic Linguistics." 

New Album about to drop they are gearing up making the world wait just a little longer. Because the Knights are about to take over and they are chomping at the bit to get going once again. To date, this album is their crown jewel and it is going to blow you away.