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That One Night Live
Knights Of Pluto
Album Cover
Released: Jun 17, 2017
Label: Chimaera Records
Track Listing
1 Opening The Day/The Tom Sawyer Effect-Live
2 166-3-Live
3 Jamming (Ft.Julia Nelson)-Live
4 Switching Around-Live
5 BB.King Jams-Live
6 Picture Time-Live
7 Matrim's Rampage/Eruption/Blues Switch Over-Live
8 Mom's Eternal Rain
9 Drumming After Hours

Liner Notes

Hi guys! Thank you for listening and being apart of this night even after the fact! I personally want to thank each and everyone one of you guys that made this possible!

It was a special night obviously. I was asked many times among the hours of that wintery night why I didn’t speak more than I did. Well guys, the fact is my playing was what I spoke with. Something that I could do from the heart, and that mom would have known was the only way I could speak in that time of troubling bullshit. I know mom would be proud to know that this night was all for her, and my open letter to her in the most sincere way.

The recording is in fact only edited in some ways such as rising volumes and adjusting levels. But nothing in this recording is edited out of it or changed. Only volumes were changed to make certain parts be able to be heard better or the audience a little quieter during the music so the music is heard rather than the audience that stood right by the microphone at certain parts. The recording itself is excellent and I hope you guys can enjoy this night that was forever preserved in all of its glory.

One more note before I get to the notes. That night, 1-18-17, was indeed the most open I’ve ever become live or on CD for that matter. The thing was fun. Though when the track “Moms Eternal Rain” starts, it all of sudden takes a very serious turn and it’s very fucking heavy, and if you aren’t ready for the raw emotion it will shock you. The atmosphere that hit when we started that song changed the room to pitch fucking quiet. I apologize for the crying I did. It is there and you’ll hear me sobbing and balling my eyes out as everyone else starts packing gear. Its very mood shifting and I apologize for it up front. But it’s so incredibly raw that I left it in. The best way I can say it is, you’ll enjoy the recording and the night because we did a lot of good stuff, but it does change and quick… So as my final goodbye to my mother, Eternal Rain was for her. I love you Mom!

Brianna :)

Rest In Paradise with angels among another world. I'll see you on the other side. –

Opening the day Jam-The Tom Sawyer Effect Brandon Prample-4 String Bass, Matrim Anderson-5 String Bass, Kaci-Drums

166-3: Brandon Prample-Drums(Intro) And 4 String Bass, Matrim Anderson-5 String Bass, Kaci-Keys And Drums

Jamming(FT. Julia Nelson)-Matrim Anderson 5 String Bass, Kaci-Drums, Julia Nelson-4 String Bass

Switching Around-Everyone Playing Around

5.BB.King Jams-Brandon Prample-5 String Bass And Vocals, Kaci-Drums, Julia-Lead Guitar

6.Picture Time-Getting Our Picture Taken

7.Matrims Rampage-Eruption(Van Halen Cover)-Blues Switch Over-Matrim Anderson-Guitar

8.Moms Eternal Rain-Brandon Prample-4 String Bass, Matrim Anderson-Guitar, Kaci-Drums

9.Drumming After Hours. Brandon-Matt-and Lee Prample All On The kettle Drum

Thank you, To the Following:

Thomas Chavez-For Letting us use The PIN or Pinnacle Northwest(412 W. Sprague Spokane WA) for this amazing event. He has been a very kind business man for years with me and he always comes through when I am in a time of need. Thank you.


Connor Gilchrist-For being the best sound man Knights Of Pluto has ever had the chance to work with. Keep on rocking my friend.


Kimberley Willyard-For giving birth to me, and being a good mom. I love you and hope this Night you were listening closely to the words I spoke with my music. Love you mom. Rest peacefully and I’ll see you on the other side.


Lee Prample-Being a Great Dad and being there that night. I hope you were able to get through the night and feel better about it. You gave me the chance to record the night with the money you donated to us. So in return this is our gift. A forever preserved night.


Ginger,Ellen,And Tommy-You guys are great family. Dad and I couldn’t have made it throughout this night without each and every single one of you.


Debye,Brandi,Ali,And many other ladies there with you that night-You guys were amazing support and made this event awesome. I hope you guys are happy with the recording.


Julia Nelson-You Rock girl. Thanks for jamming with us.


Kaci-You badass chick. You filled in last minute and were so good. Kick Ass.


The Drag Spokane-Everyone loved you guys. Thank you for rocking for my family and I and helping raise money for my dad.  That was amazing.


Steven Jamiz-You bad motherfucker. ALWAYS coming through for me when I ask. Just one question and you show up ready to sing and play your heart out with me.


“Branch Water” Bill-Thank you for letting me be your bass player. You are an amazing friend. Thank you for doing this for my mom


Jacob-What can I say man. You kick ass. Just an amazing young man that I thoroughly love like a brother.


Knights Of Pluto-Matt and Scott are the best brothers I got. So amazing to say the least.


Everyone who I may have forgot-If I forgot you I’m so sorry. But all of you are in my heart too. I just can’t put everyone down or I may just have a brain fart when I’m typing this.


Enjoy...That One Night Live...