Things Are Slow

Stuff is slow for sure, Here in the KOP camp. Though, we are still going along. Hope you all are well. Keep ready. The invasion will be back soon enough. 

New Show and EP??????

We've been busy. New Show on the Jaunary 6th at the pin. New EP coming soon...Heres a...sneak peak? of the new artwork. 


New Show. January 6th! At The PIN. More Details too come! NEW YEARS FESTIVAL. 

The Invasion Is On Hold

We love you! Keep being awesome people...The invasion of Earth is on hold for the moment...We will resume the invasion and take over very soon children...very soon.

One Week!

One week until our guardian has her first show! Remember to come to it!

Support Local Art

Just a reminder to all you beautiful people. Support local art. It makes the the world a better place.

Show Upon The Horizon

With our next show coming up shortly, we would like to remind all of you to support local business and art everywhere. It's such a great feeling to know your dollars go much further in the small business market. 

Remember our next show, September 15th at The PIN. 412 W. Sprague , Spokane, WA. Show starts at 3. Get there and be there all day!

The New CD is here!

You can pick up our new CD everywhere now! Thank you for your overwelming support. 

Digital Orders

Hey all! Just letting you know you can now order ALL of our music via digital means. You can find our music anywhere and buy it! We keep 100% of the profits and you get your product right away. This is so you know you're supporting us directly and not some other business that you may or may not want to support. We recommend ITunes or Bandcamp for purchasing our material as those are the best choices. But anywhere that music is sold such as Amazon, Deezer, etc is all the same as we still keep those profits. We have our music up on 150+ websites so you guys find our stuff easy. What an amazing feeling!

Shows Are Coming

This late summer we are going to be looking for some shows and hopfully we'll be ready to perform our material for you. It's been 7 soild months since our last show and about 8 before that. We've been taking so much time in the studio that we're ready to move on to the show aspect for us. Keep in touch and you might see us in Spokane Soon. who knows. maybe somewhere else...put the word out. 

Digital Pre-Ordering

Check it out.

The Date Draws Near

The album is coming...It's coming...It's coming

Guardian Of The Keys Is Working Her Magic

 We're an ever-growing machine. Our newest member Cheri The Guardian Of The Keys, is working her butt off for her first show. Sad to say, she joined after the recording of the 3rd CD, but she is a full time member and will be on our upcoming releases. To watch someone work so hard to join our group is humbling and we're gladly accepting her as part of that group. It's a wonderful experience seeing your music reach so far. 


We are finally growing and growing guys! We are becoming more and more official by the day and we have our own website now. This website allows us to bring you a very in-depth look into the band, unlike anywhere else on the internet. 

This site is run by the band members only. We are so happy to announce this that it hurt to wait to tell you guys. We will be updating this site at least once every other day. No matter what. We will be on it actively, listening to any comments that you guys have and buliding this page to its full potential. 

Until next time, keep your mind open, third eye blinking and ready, and prepare for your lesson in plutonian.